Town Hall Feb 19 2019

Next Traveling Town Hall - this Saturday Feb. 16 10 am - noon at Lake Forest Park Town Center. Look for me at a large table with a sign. This drop-in, in-district discussion time is a good chance to meet with me for those of you who had hoped to come down to Olympia during the past week, but couldn't make it due to snow. 
This week's intense legislative schedule - despite a snow day - included:
*** Washington Promise bill for free college for students up to 100% of median income (HB1123) was moved forward by House College and Workforce Development Committee today;
*** Hearing was held on HB 1597 considering the greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas and methane in House Environment and Energy Committee yesterday ;
*** Passing my bill to protect WA students at For-Profit colleges and vocational schools from the College and Workforce Development Committee - ironically having to turn back numerous amendments from Republicans on the Committee to strip out a state backstop to the Trump / DeVos Administration's repeal of the Gainful Employment Rule for these students in our state, strip out an "advocate" or "ombud" to assist students at For-Profit Colleges and Vocational Schools...
*** Today we voted 8 bills out of Local Government Committee, which I chair. Each will make some level of local government a bit more effective or capable.
Come speak to me about these or any other issue from 10-12 Saturday!