46th District Re-organization Meeting Night!

January 19, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Seattle Mennonite Church
3120 NE 125th St
Seattle, WA 98125

Reminder of the two meetings this Thursday night at the Mennonite Center Auditorium –everyone is welcome to both meetings, although only the PCOs, under state law, may vote at the first.

Carbs n Caffeine
For $5 a slice and $2 a drink we'll be accepting donations for pizza, Coke, and coffee.

Northwest Harvest Food Drive
We'll be collecting your perishable goods for those experiencing food shortages right here in our own district.

46th Kids
This is a call for parents and families of the 46th LD! We're looking to put together a parent/family committee of sorts. Come meet Chessie at the crayon table if you want to learn more!

NOTE: You do not need to RSVP anywhere to attend either meeting.  Everyone is welcome and we will have plenty of seats and supplies to accommodate everyone.

At 7:00pm the elected PCOs will meet in the official Re-Organization meeting.  The KCDCC starts the meeting under state law and the WSDCC charter, which will be handed over to the district chair, once s/he is elected.  The By-Laws will be considered first, and then the Chair and Vice Chair, and the representatives to other Democratic organizations will be elected.  Under state law, only PCOs elected in the public election held on August 2, 2016 may vote in this first meeting.  Once these pieces of business are completed, the re-organization will adjourn.

At 8:00pm, or whenever the business of the re-organization concludes, if that is later than 8pm, the regular monthly district meeting will commence.  All of the district members in good standing will be able to vote in this meeting, where the Treasurer, the secretary, and the at-large executive board members will be elected, new PCOs may be appointed, an endorsement will be considered (Shoreline Schools Levy), and other regular monthly business will be conducted.  We will try to wrap up by 9:30pm, but given that this is the re-organization meeting, it may run a bit longer.


All of the officers of the district are up for election.  Any member in good standing may run for one of these offices.  A member in good standing is an elected PCO, anyone who is a continuing member and has renewed their membership (you can renew at the meeting if you were a member last year), or anyone who newly joined at least 21 days prior to the meeting.  The formal responsibilities of each office may be found starting on page 5 of the By-Laws, which are available on the website, at this link: 


In plain language, the offices we will vote on are:

The Chair is the leader of the district. s/he is the district spokesperson, and guides the execution of the district budget and workplan. 

The Vice Chair is a primary advisor to the chair, stands ready to fill in for the Chair for meetings and events, as needed, and usually takes on one of the most critical job portfolios, such as membership, elections, program, or budget.

The Representatives to the King County Democratic Central Committee and alternates, and Representatives to the Washington State Democratic Central Committee, are responsible to attend the meetings (State Committee people have some travel expenses around the state, which they pay personally), report back to the 46th what happened at those meetings, and serve on various committees of those bodies.  They also usually have a small district job portfolio, which matches their interests and skill sets, as well.

The Treasurer manages the district bank accounts, manages the intake of funds, and paying of bills, the Public Disclosure Commission reporting, and serves on the finance committee.  Other than the district chair, this office takes the most direct time to execute the responsibilities.

The Secretary takes minutes at the various meetings, produces the district newsletter, and other communications tasks, which are continually evolving.

The At-Large Members attend executive board meetings and assist with general planning and district coordination, help at the monthly membership meetings, and perform “duties as assigned.”  Each of them will meet with the Chair and will mutually determine a job portfolio and/or standing committee to take on as their personal responsibility.

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  • Nancy Hansen
    commented 2017-03-03 12:14:09 -0800
    I am unable to connect with this organization. I attended the January meeting, signed up to volunteer, but have not heard anything. I do not see any contact information on your website, either someone to call or a way to send an electronic message. There are vital issues going on now and I can’t connect with you! Please get back to me – [email protected]