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Holiday Party Invite

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Just a reminder of the 46th District Democrats’ Holiday Party, coming up in the early evening this Sunday AFTER the Seahawks Game!   We have fun, friends and great food planned, and what is better than getting together with our Democratic neighbors?


Food is planned around “Comfort Food” entrees to mix it up a little at this time of year – spiral ham, mac-n-cheese, a quinoa & kale entree, with sides and salads to match.  We will be providing the entrees, sides, and salads.  To make this scalable to the number of people who attend, we ask that you bring an appetizer if your name begins with an A-M or a dessert if your name begins with an N-Z.  8-12 servings should be plenty.


The suggested donation is $25 per person, and $40 for a family of any size. (Lucky you if you have a family of 12!)  However, we know that within our Democratic family, the means of some are more modest than others, so please contribute at the level you are comfortable.  “More if you can, less if you can’t.”  We want YOU at the party more than your money!


We will also have some nice items at the Silent Auction and the Live Auction, so bring your Christmas shopping lists.


Advance tickets, which will speed the line at the door, can be purchased online below. We have been having intermittent problems with the ticket system. It should be fixed but if it's not working for you, you can pay here instead:



December 11, 2016 at 5:30pm - 8pm
Meadowbrook Community Center
Julie Anne Kempf ·
Melissa Taylor Wai Wong-Miller Orchideh Raisdanai Chessie Snider Elizabeth Walker Jesse Piedfort Sarajane Siegfriedt Javier Valdez Michael Maddux Sabrina Hill Rod Dembowski Jd Wallace Mae Davis Julie Anne Kempf

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$40.00 Family
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$25.00 Individual
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