Feedback19 - Arts and Culture

Full 2016 Platform


Arts and Culture (new section)(proposed)

Easy access and frequent exposure to the arts, and to the elements that comprise all the world's diverse cultures, is essential for the enrichment, health and well-being of our greater society. As used below, the term "art" refers to all arts, including but not limited to the visual (painting/drawing/sculpture, etc.), performing (music/theater/dance, etc.), literary (poetry/prose/drama, etc.), media (photography/ film/digital, etc.), and culinary (cooking/baking/brewing, etc.).

We call for:

  1. Easy access and frequent exposure to public art events, performances, and exhibits for all
  2. All cultures to not only be simply accepted, but celebrated and shared
  3. Arts and cultural education to be considered a core subject in our K-12 public schools.
  4. Arts and cultural education opportunities to be available and accessible to all ages in all communities
  5. A substantial commitment to public funding for the arts and arts education
  6. Subsidized/affordable housing for local artists
  7. Small businesses to promote the arts and our community of diverse cultures, including, art galleries/studios, performance venues, cafes, restaurants, bookstores and music stores
  8. Public venues for art and cultural festivals, events, performances, and exhibits
  9. Libraries, performing arts centers, and museums to be well-funded, accessible and diverse in their offerings
  10. Communications of arts and cultural events, performances and exhibits to all our communities to be frequent, accessible, and diversified
  11. Communications of available funding and opportunities for artists to be frequent, accessible, and diversified.
  12. Existing public art displays and venues to be well-maintained and preserved