Feedback18 - Local Issues

Full 2016 Platform



The 46th District Democrats have a tradition of leadership on local issues.


City of Seattle

We support:

  1. Implementing developer impact fees with a priority to fund Seattle school construction to provide adequate capacity at a time of fast-growing enrollment
  2. The creation of more affordable housing in Seattle; therefore, we support:
    1. Directing affordable housing funds to assist those who need it the most
    2. Defining workforce housing as assisting those earning between a minimum wage and a living wage
    3. Requiring developers to replace any affordable housing they displace with new affordable housing (i.e., 1-for-1 replacement)
    4. Requiring developers to build inclusionary affordable housing, rather than paying a fee in lieu, in exchange for granting any upzone
    5. Redefining low-rise as family housing zones – ground-related housing suitable for families, situated between mid-rise and single-family zones
    6. Policies that encourage housing density near transit hubs
  3. Sufficient shelters for those experiencing homelessness
  4. Safe-harbor parking for those living in their vehicles, with trash and waste disposal services
  5. Continuing to fund Seattle and King County housing and human services budgets, especially services to homeless individuals and families, including those impacted by domestic violence, foster care, foreclosure, mental health institutions and reentry services for those transitioning from prison or military service
  6. Locating bus rapid transit service on NE 130th Street as connector service between the Lake City, the planned 130th Light Rail and Bitter Lake
  7. Declaring that any urban village must include sidewalks to be deemed “walkable”
  8. Increasing pedestrian safety, including streetlights, permeable sidewalks and visible crosswalks for pedestrians and wheelchair users, with a sidewalk on at least one side of each arterial in Seattle north of 85th St. within 10 years
  9. Bicycle lanes and storage facilities for cyclists, and convenient bus stops and shelters
  10. Building and adequately funding a Lake City Community Center with programming for seniors and youth
  11. Increasing and adequately funding neighborhood public health clinics
  12. Increased police presence and response times in the North Precinct—by subdividing it
  13. Passing a robust urban tree ordinance; increasing tree protection by requiring permits and public notice before large trees are removed from public and private property
  14. Increasing community accountability and oversight for the Department of Neighborhoods, ensuring that local communities and neighborhood groups are supported and have access to their government
  15. Connecting every home and business in Seattle to a publicly owned high-speed broadband network, utilizing existing fiber-optic infrastructure
  16. Increased programs to end human trafficking along Highway 99:
    1. Adequately funding outreach and shelter services for sex workers
    2. Oversight and increased regulation of media outlets used by sex traffickers
    3. Increased penalties for those convicted of commercial sex-trafficking of minors
  17. Continued efforts to reduce youth detention rates in favor of restorative justice
  18. Increased focus from the city regarding youth-on-youth violence, with increased transparency and accountability
  19. Increased funding for Youth Arts Programming that focuses on work-readiness, education and career tracks for underserved youth
  20. Clean-up and preservation of Green Lake
    1. Upgrades and maintenance to the Midvale Sewage Plant
    2. Increased cleaning and alum treatments to decrease toxic algae-levels in the lake
  21. Redevelopment of the dismal “Lake City Mini Park” at the corner of 125th and Lake City Way, as well as increased open space and P-patches throughout North Seattle
  22. Clean-up and protection of Thornton Creek watershed in face of increased development


46th 2018 DRAFT City of Lake Forest Park

We support:

  1. Fiscally responsible city government that supports resident priorities
  2. A more innovative and supportive economic environment, especially concerning small and home-based businesses
  3. Continued regional collaboration to improve the SR 522 (Bothell/Lake City Way) and SR 523 (145th Street) corridors to accommodate Bus Rapid Transit connecting to planned light rail stations and to allow for smoother traffic flow and safer multi-modal uses
  4. Environmental land use policies that will preserve the lake, streams, forest and other natural features, including low-impact development methods in development and redevelopment projects, and adherence to the city's canopy-based Tree Ordinance
  5. Continued broad-based citizen participation in planning for an improved Town Center and location of a Park-and-Ride facility
  6. Additional sidewalks, street improvements and connected trails throughout the city to enable safer walking and bicycling
  7. Safer, grade-separated pedestrian and bicycle crossings of SR522 to provide access to transit stops and the Burke Gilman Trail
  8. Using cloth bags and/or compostable paper or compostable plastic bags
  9. Continued improvement of culverts to promote a healthy ecosystem that supports fish habitat in MacAleer, McKinnon and Lyon Creeks, with assistance from Federal, state, and county funding
  10. Future development guided by citizen participation that includes appropriate scale, mixed-income housing, including senior housing, proximity to transit and open space
  11. Preserving and protecting the Lake Forest Park aquifer, with the cities of Shoreline, Montlake Terrace and Brier

46th 2018 DRAFT City of Kenmore


We support: 

  1. Adequate state and Federal funding to maintain and finish improvements to SR 522 (Bothell Way) and replace the West Sammamish Bridge, including the State partnering with Kenmore to fund a study for a pedestrian bridge to the Lakepoint development area
  2. Additional sidewalks, street and crosswalk improvements and connected trails throughout the city to enable safer walking and bicycling routes
  3. Additions of senior, disabled, low-income and workforce housing to improve equitable housing options and access to more frequent and reliable transit
  4. Further dioxin testing by the State Department of Ecology in North Lake to identify the source of the dioxins found in the sediment in previous testing
  5. A new community planning process for the Lakepointe property at the Kenmore town center, which may include creative funding to stabilize and detoxify the former I-5 construction fill area for town center development, and consideration of a park or other uses for the property
  6. Local asphalt plant regulation and reduction of toxic admissions
  7. Collaboration between the City of Kenmore and Northshore School District to improve sports fields for community and schools use
  8. Finishing parks improvements, additions and development and seeking Federal or state funding
  9. Improvements in laws and enforcement that protect those bodies of water that run through Kenmore
  10. Implementing a restricted sea plane flight and landing pathway to ensure safe water access for both citizens and air traffic
  11. Adopting a robust tree ordinance including a canopy evaluation/database
  12. Green corridors connecting the green spaces in Kenmore to provide habitat for the city’s deer, cougars, coyotes and foxes
  13. Ensuring that residents have access to multiple choices of broadband providers, smart cell/small cell technology improvements and becoming 5G ready
  14. Improved citizen access to city meetings and to documents
  15. Improved city and community connections by meeting diversity and intersectionality needs of the community through events, education and community outreach