Feedback16 - Transportation

Full 2016 Platform



Public transportation enhances public and ecological health, bridges societal inequality, combats global warming, moves people and goods safely and efficiently and improves the quality of life for all.


We support:

  1. Prioritizing public transit expansion over road construction
  2. Free public transit
  3. Developing transit in conjunction with the expected growth of the region
  4. Safe, accessible and efficient public transportation services for people of all abilities
  5. Street improvements that prioritize safe walking and accommodate bicycling; improving connections among multimodal routes
  6. Completing the 46th District’s sidewalk network
  7. Developing and financing a comprehensive plan that recognizes SR522/Lake City Way/Bothell Way as a critical route around the north end of Lake Washington
  8. Keeping roads, bridges and ferries in good repair; restoring a dedicated funding stream to ferry construction and maintenance
  9. Reducing vehicles miles traveled and incentivizing alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles
  10. A high-speed rail system linking major cities
  11. Increased fuel efficiencies
  12. Encouraging the use of electric vehicles and public transportation through more charging stations, a carbon tax and tolls
  13. Transportation-oriented development that includes people of all income levels and abilities
  14. Repeal of the 18th Amendment to the Washington Constitution so that all gas tax revenues go into the General Fund
  15. Expanding capacity for Park & Rides in suburban areas
  16. A system of grade-separated truck, rail and transit facilities that enhances freight mobility in King County
  17. Replacing the Columbia River Crossing, including provision for light rail access
  18. Opposition to environmentally unsafe fossil fuel terminals