Feedback12 - Immigration

Full 2016 Platform


46th IMMIGRATION - Proposed 2018 Platform


Immigrants strengthen the fabric of our community, state and nation. All immigrants should be afforded full human rights, civil liberties, and a fair, safe and timely pathway to legal status or citizenship.


We support:

  1. All people, regardless of their country of origin or immigration status being treated fairly, respectfully, and with compassion and dignity
  2. All immigrants having the right to equal treatment under the law, and in all proceedings being guaranteed basic human rights
  3. Comprehensive immigration reform through improved pathways and options to citizenship or legal status
  4. Encouraging lawful immigration, family unification and reunification, expediting processing of applications for legal entry, asylum, (H-1) (H-2) guest worker and temporary work permits, permanent residence and citizenship
  5. Improving immigrant worker rights and protections by preventing wage discrimination, ensuring safe worker housing/living conditions, equitable access to medical care and educational opportunities
  6. Detainees’ right to humane treatment, safe facilities, adequate medical care, nutrition, clothing, shelter and family unity
  7. Reducing the 100-mile Border Patrol internal operating zone to 50 miles from any border
  8. Efforts to ensure that U.S. immigration enforcement is transparent and accountable
  9. Efforts to improve the E-Verify System
  10. The DREAM Act and retaining DACA
  11. Policies that protect immigrants’ ability to seek help or to access to law enforcement without fear of deportation
  12. Granting asylum to persons fleeing areas of war, genocide and political or personal oppression, including their LGBTQ status


We oppose:

  1. Withholding health care or emergency health and human or family services due to immigration status, citizenship status or legal status
  2. State or local police involvement in the enforcement of federal immigration laws
  3. Efforts to deputize, commission and finance vigilante border militia groups
  4. Acts of hate, bias or violence, including harassment, intimidation, bullying; the use of racial, culturally insensitive, ethnically biased terms such as “illegal” in reference to any person or group
  5. Barriers to acquiring an equitable education, and testing in languages other than one’s primary spoken language
  6. ICE, Boarder Patrol and Homeland Security contracting with for-profit prison corporations and county jails; immigration detention without a constitutionally adequate bond hearings;  amilies detained in ICE Detention Centers; and quotas or other immigration rules with the primary purpose of preventing immigration
  7. Excluding immigrants because of their country of origin, religion, race or ethnicity