Feedback11 - Human Services

Full 2016 Platform




People are not born with bootstraps. The community has a responsibility to provide comprehensive and quality human and social services to ensure the basic needs of its people are met, allowing everyone to attain their full potential.


We support:

  1. Ensuring that human and social services are among the highest priorities of federal, state, and local government, especially in times of increased income inequality
  2. Assuring homelessness is rare, brief, and a one-time occurrence; and, that all people have access to safe and affordable housing
  3. Weighting subsidies towards those who need them most, particularly lower-income people, families, older adults, people with disabilities, those with mental illness and those recovering from substance use disorder
  4. Housing at prices accessible to people at all income levels, particularly workforce housing for those whose income falls between minimum wage and a living wage (about 30% to 80% of area median income)
  5. Restoring the disability stipend, which safeguards the dignity, health, and well-being of people with disabilities who are unable to be self-sufficient
  6. Transition plans for people with disabilities that include housing and, when appropriate, employment options upon release from institutions
  7. Quality, comprehensive and affordable services and supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities--including the end of a waitlist for services--so that they may live at home with the supports they need and participate in communities that value their contributions
  8. Quality, comprehensive and affordable supports and services for families using social services (including child care, education, training and health care) that support them on their path to self-sufficiency
  9. Programs that provide healing, recovery and reintegration for people coping with behavioral health, mental illness and/or substance use, and those who have experienced disasters, violence or exploitation
  10. Restructuring and adequately funding the child welfare system to ensure children and their families have the supports, opportunities, and resources they need to thrive, and that children are safe, have a permanent family connection and are supported socially and emotionally for healthy development; comprehensive training, sufficient and holistic respite options for foster families, and the recruitment of diverse foster families
  11. A long-term care system that provides Medicare and Medicaid-reimbursable community-based and in-home services and supports, as alternatives to institutional care, as well as a long-term care insurance plan that makes care affordable
  12. Comprehensive eldercare services that promote independence, quality of life, and health as well as increased awareness, prevention and response to elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation
  13. Increased support for family caregivers, including paid family and medical leave, training, support groups, respite and caregiving tax credits


We oppose:

  1. Equating the use of human and social services with moral or personal failure
  2. Confining people experiencing a mental health crisis in hospital emergency rooms or jails
  3. Drug testing as a prerequisite for social services and employment requirements as a prerequisite for Medicaid services
  4. Discriminatory policies that permit providers to deny services to individuals based on religious or moral objections