Feedback07 - Foreign Policy

Full 2016 Platform




To strengthen our security and promote peace throughout the world, America must resist an isolationist stance and instead collaborate with the international community, using the tools of development, diplomacy and defense, in a spirit of mutual respect, friendship, and cooperation.


We support:

  1. Resolving international conflicts through diplomacy and other nonviolent conflict resolution strategies
  2. Dismantling the global terrorism network, which supplies terrorists with money, arms, and fighters, and ending the recruitment of potential extremists, particularly children
  3. A resolution to the Syrian civil war through diplomatic and political measures that results in a more inclusive government that respects the equal rights of all citizens
  4. Working with a coalition of international partners to bolster Afghanistan’s and Iraq’s democratically-elected governments and to combat terrorism
  5. Diplomatic measures to compel North Korea to abandon its illegal nuclear and missile programs
  6. The deterrence of Russian aggression through European resilience, protection of NATO allies, and promotion of human rights in Russia and former Soviet states
  7. A “One China” policy, the Taiwan Relations Act, and the aspirations of the Tibetan and Mongolian peoples to safeguard their distinct identity
  8. Closing the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (formerly known as the School of the Americas)
  9. Maintaining our relationship with the United Kingdom and partnership with the European Union
  10. Ending the Cuban travel ban and embargo, and closing Guantanamo Bay
  11. Science-based management of wildlife, including stronger regulations banning the importation of hunting trophies
  12. Strengthening our partnership and collaboration with the African Union, including emphasizing trade and investment, humanitarian and development assistance, democratic institutions and global health
  13. Able-nations (including the United States) receiving refugees, especially people fleeing persecution and conflict, through a vigorous screening and vetting process
  14. A two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict negotiated by the parties that guarantees Israel’s future as a secure and democratic Jewish state with recognized borders, while also providing the Palestinians with sovereignty, security and economic growth
  15. Restoring and reaffirming our historic adherence to the Geneva Conventions, and affording those rights to any person detained in a combat zone by the U.S. military
  16. Reducing the world’s nuclear stockpiles (including enforcement of the “Iran Deal”), ratifying the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, strengthening and complying with international disarmament treaties, strengthening international control and use of fissile material
  17. Complying with the original U.N. Declaration on Human Rights, International Land Mines treaties, International Criminal Court, Genocide Conventions, the Biological and Chemical Weapons Conventions, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  18. Effective foreign aid to reduce poverty, improve health and education, provide sustainable access to safe water and food free of contaminants, and prevent and treat pandemic and endemic diseases
  19. Forgiving onerous debt owed by lower-income countries forced to choose between debt repayment and essential services
  20. Cooperative and full participation in international organizations including the United Nations and international courts of justice
  21. Signing and complying with the Paris Accords on Climate Change and supporting developing countries in their efforts to mitigate pollution, deploy clean energy, and invest in climate resilience and adaptation
  22. Replacing free-trade treaties, such as the WTO, TPP, NAFTA, and CAFTA, with fair-trade agreements that incorporate human rights, indigenous rights, labor rights, public health, public services and environmental protection, as well as preexisting multilateral international treaties on environmental, labor rights and human rights
  23. Programs supporting the full spectrum of family planning options as well as those that do not discriminate on basis of sexual orientation or gender identity


We oppose:

  1. First-use of nuclear weapons
  2. Foreign influence on American elections and democracy
  3. Building a wall on our southern border and alienating Mexico
  4. Chinese unfair trade practices, currency manipulation, censorship of the internet, piracy and cyberattacks
  5. The genocide and forced displacement of the Rohingya people of Myanmar
  6. Permanent U.S. military bases and prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan
  7. Exporting weapons systems that contribute to the international arms race
  8. International Monetary Fund and World Bank policies that compel privatization of vital government services, such as water, as a condition of refinancing national debt
  9. The production, testing, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons, as well as the development of new or enhanced nuclear weapons
  10. Congress’ abandonment of its constitutional role in foreign policy, specifically its lack enforcement of the War Powers Act
  11. The sale of all products related to forced labor, including slave and child labor