2020 Endorsements

For Members of the 46th District:

We will be voting on our 2020 endorsements at our regular May meeting on May 20, 2020 at 7pm via ZOOM. 

The Zoom link and password for the Endorsement meeting is located on the home page.

Completed questionnaires for all candidates and initiatives requesting our endorsement may be found here: Candidate and Initiative Questionnaires

For Candidates & Campaigns:

Thank you for your interest in receiving an endorsement from the 46th District Democrats!

You will find a copy of our endorsement rules here:  2020 46th Democrats Endorsement Rules

Candidates must submit questionnaires at least 10 days in advance of the meeting at which they wish to be considered. Deadline for the Primary Endorsements meeting is May 10. Questionnaires should be submitted via the 46th LD 2020 Endorsement Request form. Please contact [email protected], if you have any questions about our endorsement procedures.

We endorse in races that are wholly or partly within the 46th Legislative District, which encompasses Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, and northeast Seattle. Offices for which we consider endorsements include federal offices which overlap or encompass the 46th District, King County offices which overlap or encompass the 46th District, as well as all Washington statewide offices.

Unlike many districts who vet candidates by asking them to sit for an endorsement interview with a specific committee, our membership prefers to directly endorse candidates. For the 2020 election cycle, you will simply need to fill out the correct 46th District Democrats' questionnaire (click on office category below for an editable Word format questionnaire to answer).  Our membership reads your questionnaire, does their own research on you, and we make our endorsement choices as a body.

You will find that the 46th District Democrats' questionnaires are extremely similar to the King County Democrats' Questionnaires, and that most of your answers for your KCDCC questionnaire may be copy/pasted and used without significant editing.  Please be aware, however, that we do post these questionnaires publicly.

Click on office category name to access the questionnaires:


Lt. Governor

Statewide Offices

Legislative Offices

Judicial seats at all levels (this questionnaire is designed to not violate Canon 7)

Please fill out the questionnaire as though you were being asked questions in a public forum or for the press. We post the questionnaires publicly on our district website for the information of our members who will ultimately vote on the endorsement.

Please submit your questionnaire along with your request for endorsement via the 46th LD 2020 Endorsement Request form.

(The above link will simultaneously submit your questionnaire to the endorsements chair and the email address "[email protected]", fulfilling the stated requirement in the district bylaws.)

Your questionnaire must be received ten calendar days in advance of an endorsement meeting. Exceptions to accept a late questionnaire require a 2/3 vote of members present and voting at an Endorsement meeting.

You may also wish to review our full endorsement rules ahead of the meeting.

There are minor changes to the endorsement rules for 2020, but the only one affecting candidates is an increased emphasis on the past 5 years of Democratic Party involvement with all candidates (see questionnaire).

The 2020 endorsement rules will be completely through editing, and posted with the May 20th call to meeting.