Spring 2019 Demogram

May 2019 Demogram

It's coming!  Our annual endorsement meeting to make our choices for the 2019 election cycle!

Join us at Nathan Hale High School Theatre at 11:00am on May 19th for your opportunity to have your say as to which candidates get the nod to be endorsed for 2019! 

Nathan Hale High School Theatre

10750 30th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125 (click for map)

Sunday, May 19th, 11am

Dive into this month's Demogram for other district updates and opportunities to become involved that you won't want to miss!

Link to May 2019 Demogram: https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/46dems/pages/1420/attachments/original/1558014730/May_2019_Demogram_Draftv9.pdf?1558014730

September 2018 Demogram

Interested in engaging with experts on the presidential nomination process and leaders on the party's national, state and county committees? Join our distinguished guests at our September 26th General Membership Meeting for a lively discussion and learning session about the Democratic Presidential Nomination process in the state of Washington for the 2020 election and get up to date news on decisions being made on the state and national party levels! 

Dive into this month's Demogram for essential district updates and opportunities to become involved that you won't want to miss!

Link to September 2018 Demogram: https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/46dems/mailings/1289/attachments/original/September_2018_Demogram.pdf?1536887960


June 2018 Demogram

March 2018 Demogram

Demogram January 2018

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Demogram November 2017

The latest November Demogram is here!


Demogram October 2017

Read up on the latest October 2017 Demogram!October_2017_Demogram.png 

Demogram September 2017

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August 2017 Demogram

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August 2017 Demogram (PDF version)

46_Demogram_Aug_2017-01.png 46_Demogram_Aug_2017-02.png


46_Demogram_Aug_2017-03.png 46_Demogram_Aug_2017-04.png

46_Demogram_Aug_2017-05.png 46_Demogram_Aug_2017-06.png


46_Demogram_Aug_2017-08.png 46_Demogram_Aug_2017-09.png46_Demogram_Aug_2017-10.png46_Demogram_Aug_2017-11.png46_Demogram_Aug_2017-11.png46_Demogram_Aug_2017-12.png46_Demogram_Aug_2017-13.png46_Demogram_Aug_2017-14.png46_Demogram_Aug_2017-15.png46_Demogram_Aug_2017-16.png

June 2017 Demogram Addendum

A few highlights and more information about our exciting upcoming meeting where we will have leading labor leaders from our state join us to help our continuing conversations of ways labor and Democrats can work together for a better tomorrow. 

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