Wednesday April 15th, 6:45pm - Zoom Conversation with Reps. Jayapal and DelBene

With the passage of a vote-by-mail amendment to our Bylaws, we are now authorized to hold "official" online meetings for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.  (Thank you, PCOs, for the unanimous vote!)

April 15, 2020 6:45pm Zoom gathering: Conversation with our Congress Members!

Our amazing Democratic Members of Congress, US Rep. Suzan DelBene (WA-1), and US Rep. Pramila Jayapal (WA-7) will be joining us on Wednesday, April 15th, to talk COVID-19 Federal response, the economic crisis, and more help on the way.

Mark your calendars!  The gathering will occur on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 6:45pm, although the Zoom link will be open for people to join as early as 6:30pm.

Program:  We will hear from Rep. Jayapal from 6:45pm to 7:10pm, and then Rep. DelBene will join us from 7:10pm on.  Each will take a few questions from members!

After our US Representatives, we will have some King County Judicial candidates who would like to introduce themselves. 

Zoom link:

The 46th District Democrats (Julie Anne Kempf, chair) are inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Conversation with Congressmembers DelBene and Jayapal
Time: Apr 15, 2020 06:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
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Would you like to be a 2020 Convention Delegate?

We would like to extend an invitation to each of you to run for delegate to the 2020 Washington State Democratic Convention and also possibly taking the next step to run for delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention!



As Democrats, we know that the strength of our party comes from all of the wide, varied, and diverse people in the communities that make up the 46th, and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to help shape the future of our party.

You have all been doing the work to help elect Democrats within our district, across the state, and the country, and now is your chance to be a part of shaping the Democratic Party itself.

To be qualified for Delegate from our Legislative District, you need only be a registered voter in the 46th District who is willing to publicly identify as a Democrat.  A pre-registered voter who will be 18 years old on or before November 3, 2020 is also eligible!  If you need to register to vote, or transfer your registration to a new address, you can do so at this link:  Register to Vote Online in Washington

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46th LD Democrats Statement Regarding Senator Sanders


Photo credit:  Jay Johnson

Sanders Rally UW basketball arena, 2015

The arc of history bends toward justice, said Bernie as he bowed out of the presidential race
this week. The fight for justice galvanized his followers: the young, the working class, the low-
income people, the small donors, the 99 percenters, and the rest, who were all enthusiastically
energized. His message resonated. His passion to fight the unchecked power of unethical
corporations was loud and clear.

A month ago, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni, in an editorial entitled, “Sanders Has
Already Won the Primary,” said it all. While Bernie would not secure the presidential
candidacy, he asserted, he had nonetheless changed the playing field for the Democrats. All of
the Democratic candidates sharing the stage with him were forced to lean to the left, where the
party’s values reside. Bernie’s honesty, his integrity, his courage . . . will not be forgotten. The
full scope of his influence is still unfolding, but the importance of his legacy is undeniable.

We all empathize with Bernie’s difficult decision to suspend his campaign. Here again, he is a
patriot. He has put his country ahead of his personal conviction that he could be its next
leader. It is now up to us Democrats to do something for Bernie. We need to unite. We need
to engage. We need to step up and perform our civic duty. We need to elect a whole ton of
Democrats. When we do, and when the country is stabilized, equalized, healthy and has a
sustainable platform, a medal of honor should be bestowed upon the honorable Senator Bernie

Meanwhile there is work to be done.  We are all Democrats and we are all in this together.