Upcoming Zoom Meetings in May 2020

Mark your calendars for a pair of the most impactful meetings we'll have all year!

May 13th - Candidate Forum - 6:00 pm (note time!)

Join us for our annual candidate event including the Lieutenant Governor forum, candidates for statewide office and Commissioner of Public Lands, Hilary Franz, plus others.

May 20th - Annual Endorsement Meeting - 7:00 pm 

Make your voice heard! Join us at the Annual Endorsement meeting where we will endorse candidates appearing on the 46th Legislative District ballot. All members in good standing are eligible to vote. 

A member in good standing is any PCO, any member that has paid their dues, or any member that has had their dues waived for 2020.

Last day to join the district organization, if you haven't done so already, is Thursday, April 30th by 11:59 pm PST. You can join for as little as $10 at the link below.

Join the 46th Legislative District Democrats!

PCOs: 46th LD Democrats Delegate Selection Process Voting Period April 26 - May 3

46th LD Democrats Delegate Selection Process Voting Period April 26 - May 3!                                     

On Sunday at noon, the Precinct Committee Officers received official notice of the LD Delegate selection process VOTING PERIOD which began at noon on Sunday, April 26, 2020 and continues until 9:00pm on Sunday, May 3, 2020.

This election is the COVID-19 emergency substitute for the LD Caucus which would have been held April 26th.  The purpose of this election is to select the delegates from the 46th District, who will represent our district organization at the Washington State Democratic Party Convention this summer, and at the Congressional District (online) Caucuses on May 30th.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the difficulty of credentialing participants remotely, and the fact that PCOs are elected representatives of the Democrats in their precinct, and thus have legal standing, only PCOs make up the voting cohort for this election.

If you are a PCO, and have not received your ballot link, please contact   [email protected] or [email protected].                                                                           

Whether a PCO or not, please take the opportunity to meet the candidates running to be the 46th LD delegation to the State convention!  We have a very active and talented group of folks here in the 46th!  https://wademscaucus2020.azurewebsites.net/candidates/ld46

April Regular Business Meeting - Wed. April 22, 7:00pm, Zoom Link

April 22*, 2020 7:00pm Zoom meeting: Official April Monthly Business Meeting

Jump the line by pre-registering for your credential using this link to our Credentialing Form.

(Please note, this is a date change for this month.  We bumped the April meeting out one more week, as we had inadvertently scheduled it for the last night of Passover.  Our apologies to our Jewish community members!)

QUICK LINK to DOCUMENTS for meeting (click here!)

We will be joined at the beginning of the meeting by candidates for King County Superior Court Justice.  Some folks may not know, but due to ethics guidelines they must follow, judges may only come to speak to political organizations when they are active candidates for a judicial seat on the ballot that year.  So this is a rare chance to hear from these folks who truly impact so many of our lives every day.

We will have a presentation on running for delegate to the state and/or national convention.  We would encourage all of you to consider doing so!

We will have a brief budget update, with how COVID-19 has required us to shift operations, and thus, our budget.

The major item we have on the agenda for voting purposes is discussion and voting on the endorsement rules for 2020, which is continuing business from the February meeting. See Agenda and Zoom Link Below.

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