2016 Precinct Caucus

Precinct Caucus
March 26th @ 10am


What to Expect

Caucuses begin at each listed location at 10 am.  When you arrive, you will sign in and be directed to your precinct.  Each precinct will be headed up either by a PCO or a chair that’s elected that day.  After hearing some words from your location’s convener about how the process will continue for the day, you and your neighbors will have a chance to discuss the candidates for the Democratic nomination.  At some point after 10:30 am, each precinct will vote on their pick for the nominee.  Delegates will be awarded based on proportion of votes that each candidate receives. Finally, you will be able to run for delegate to represent your candidate from your precinct.  The caucuses are a great chance to connect with your community and make your voice heard in the 2016 Democratic primary.


Location Info

Find your caucus site and pre-register

Pre-registering will make your sign in faster and easier.  Please print your pre-registration form and bring it with you!

46th LD Precinct Caucus Locations Sorted by Location

46th LD Precinct Caucus Locations Sorted by Precinct


Trainings and Events

In order for the caucuses to run smoothly, we will be hosting a PCO training on Tuesday, March 8th from 6-7:45 pm at the Lake City Library (12501 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125).  We will go over logistics, expectations, and rules for the day in detail and will cover what is new or different about the 2016 caucus process.  If you are a PCO or interested in chairing your precinct at the caucus, please plan to attend.  Even those who have been through many caucus cycles will learn about the new rules for 2016 and help provide best practices and knowledge for new PCOs and chairs.   

Additionally, we want to make sure that caucus attendance is strong and that all voices are heard.  Join us to go door to door and invite our neighbors to caucus on the following dates.  We will provide training and materials for the day!


Lake Forest Park/Kenmore (RSVP HERE)

February 28th 11am-3pm
Meet at Third Place Books 11am
17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Lake City/Northgate (RSVP HERE)

March 12th 10am-2pm
Meet at Elliott Bay Public House and Brewery 10am
12537 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 

Interested in Volunteering?

If you're interested in becoming a PCO, please contact David Toledo, PCO Coordinator, at [email protected].

If you're interested in canvassing or helping at the caucuses, please contact Katy Ozog at [email protected].

You can also sign up here and we'll get back to you ASAP.


Email Halei Watkins at [email protected] with any other questions about the caucus process.